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With an implementation fee as low as $1,000.00 and monthly of pocket $399 for managed hosting and support. Starting an MLM, Direct Selling or Party Plan Business can be challenging. One of the greatest hurdles you will face is securing MLM Software to run your business. Smart Start MLM Software by Inspetta is built on the same core as our Enterprise Platform, yet simplified to offer Afforability for Start Ups.

3 Versions of Smart Start MLM Software

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$5.5k System

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$1k Down

$399/mo Corp Hosting

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$7.5k System

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$1.5k Down

$399/mo Corp Hosting

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$15.5k System

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$3.1k Down

$399/mo Corp Hosting

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About MLM Software

MLM Software is a global term, referring to web-based platforms which form the website, replication, public sales, administraiton, distributor/consultant back offices, tools, resources, genealogy views and commission calculation engine.

By the Numbers...

  • $821,000,000 Estimated Daily Online Purchasing

    That's correct, in 2012 there were about $231 Billion Online Retail Sales and is expected to reach $317 Billion by 2017. In 2015, I would estimate it currently at about $299 Billion, which is over $800 Million PER DAY. You don't need to be the King of the Internet, but surely you can grab a Piece of this Pie!

    Having a product to sell is the first part. Using a marketing approach, that includes a field of Independent Sales Reps can make your business Explode! All of this is managed with a proper MLM Website/MLM Software System.

    Source of Estimate: cmo.com

  • 18,187,000 Estimated MLM/Direct Selling Sales Reps

    In 2014, the DSA released a report that estimates over 18 million people (18.2) were involved in direct selling in the United States.

    Direct Selling is a segment of MLM, where individuals willfully take upon the title/designation, to represent their expressed goals of marketing real products and services to consumers. Yes, Direct Selling is MLM, but Not every MLM is Direct Selling. Some operate a recruiting scheme, while others 'Walk In The Grey.'

    News Flash: 'Customers are GOOD for Business!' An industry attorney, during a conference call with one of my clients ended with that statement. Honestly, it was the first time I heard another individual, besides myself, encourage, so directly Customer Selling!

    Customers form the revenue base of your MLM/Direct Selling or Party Plan Company. There are a few companies which Distributors Self-Consume, but by and large, the correct model for regulatory reasons, as well as for cashflow is... swallow deep and take a breath... 'Customers are GOOD for Business.'

    So, how do you find a whole bunch of customers to purchase your products? You get a whole bunch of Sales Reps to share your product, and offer them a bonus for doing so.

    Source of Estimate: dsa.org

  • $24,500+ Enterprise MLM Software

    We do provide Enterprise Direct Selling, Party Plan, MLM Software. If you're in a position to look at a full Enterprise System.

    Feel free to call us at 1-888-221-0106

  • $399/mo Smart Start MLM Software

    Smart Start MLM Software is built on the same rails as our Enterprise System, yet with features and functions simplified for the Start-Up Business. While some companies may be able to run year after year in our Smart Start Systems, it is truly designed to get you in business faster, allow you to test your business model and generate cashflow to step into an Enterprise MLM System in the future.

    Are there additional costs? Yes. Our monthly corporate hosting/support charge is the lowest in the industry and our per distributor/consultant charge is very creative. Again, our goal is to get you in business and allow you to cashflow faster than you would in any other system.

    Are there other requirements? Yes. Not everyone will be accepted. We truly desire to support product based companies and have established some basic criteria, such as compensation plan and over-all business model. We also ask that you have a Business Entity formed, an FEIN, a Business Checking Account.

    Feel free to call us at 1-888-221-0106


A little Inspration...

Rocky gives some words of wisdom. Good stuff for any entrepreneur!

Starting Smart

Some companies begin with resources of finance, talent, and experienced leaders. Those companies should start with Enterprise MLM Platforms. Unfortunately, a large number of companies launch with limited resources. That's why Smart Start MLM Software has become available, exslusively from Inspetta.

Amazing Features

Smart Start MLM Software provides your company with useful features to help you manage and grow your business. Here are just a few of the most used features:

  • Configure Your Comp Plan

    The MLM Software Platform allows for thousands of possible configurations, enabling you to put out a creative compensation plan to your Indepndent Sales Reps.

  • Throw In Your Content

    Add your Page Content and Products, Tweak it, Stir it, until it looks just right. Of course, you will be limited in the edit features, but Creativity RULES!

  • Share with Distributors

    It's time, Share the Love!!! Get your Distributors Signup up to begin selling your products for a Commission. Replicated MLM Software will track all sales and signups.

  • MLM Back Office

    Distributors can subscribe to their own Back Office to manage their business AND Corp also has an Administrative Back Office to manage Sales, Inventory, Members and Commissions.

  • The World-Wide-Web Awaits!

    $800Million Plus a day in Online eCommerce, about 18million Independent Sales Reps. It's a World-Wide-Web and a Wide-Open-Opportunity. Getting Started is Easy!

  • The Clock Ticks

    $800Million in Sales are going through online sites today. Wait a week to start and you've allowed $5.6Billion to pass by, without grabbing One CENT! How long will you wait?

MLM Consultant

Starting an MLM Business, sourcing Products, developing a Compensation Plan and selecting MLM Software can be a dismal undertaking. Many companies leverage our knowlege and experience through Consulting.

Call 1-888-221-0106 for more information.

Some of our Partners & Integrations

We've partnered with, provided to or integrated with great companies and technologies. Some of these may not be available in our Smart Start MLM Software, but may be available to our Enterprise Clients.

Smart Start MLM Software

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